10 Things to do on PEI

Thinking of visiting Prince Edward Island or already have that special trip planned? The “PEI Palette” was inspired by all the incredible sites and activities that are available on Prince Edward Island, so Jessica made a list of her top ten favourite things to do on PEI in the summertime! Copy and paste this list into your phone notes so you don’t miss these incredible activities the Island has to offer! You may even recognize some eyeshadow shade names from the “PEI Palette” ;) !

10. See a show a Trailside Music Hall

Trailside NEVER disappoints! This venue showcases some of PEI’s greatest musical acts. The vibes here are so electric and relaxing at the same time you’ll never want to leave. Located downtown Charlottetown, it’s also attached to a cafe where you can enjoy a pre-show meal!

9. Grab some garlic fingers

Never heard of Garlic Fingers? Then believe me, you’re MISSING OUT! This is a maritime delicacy that is a mixture of pizza and cheesy bread. There truly is no way to describe the delicious taste of a hot garlic finger though, so go try them!! Jessica is so obsessed with them that she even created a shade in the “PEI Palette” that is shimmery and gold toned, much like an oily hot pan of garlic fingers emerging from the oven. Is your mouth watering yet? Cuz mine is. 

8. Village Pottery

Nestled in New London, this is PEI’s longest running pottery shop! If you want to add a splash of uniqueness to your kitchen, their custom pottery is what you’re looking for! 

7. Blue Mussel Cafe in Rustico

This is one of PEI’s best family owned restaurants, situated directly on the water beside Rustico beach. It’s cozy atmosphere features some of the best seafood the island has to offer, and while you’re there you can explore one of the cutest towns on the Island, Rustico!

6. See a Ceilidh 

Pronounced “Kay-lee”, this is a social gathering of traditional music, dance and song. You definitely need to witness some step-dancing before you leave the Island! 

5. Pub crawl downtown Charlottetown

The city of Charlottetown is bustling with local restaurants and pubs. Head to the Old Triangle on Sundays to see a live fiddle band, then hop around to bustling locations like Nimrods on the dock, Fishies on the Roof, and Next Door for the best day of drinking and eating you’ll ever have!! 

4. A day at Basin Head and Shirley’s for supper

Basin Head is known as one of Canada’s best beaches, and is especially known for its “Singing Sands”. You’ll have a blast jumping off the wharf, playing beach volleyball, and seeing the WoodIsland Ferry float by while you’re swimming in the ocean. After a sunkissed day at the beach, head to Shirley’s in Souris for a delicious platter of fish and chips plus a milkshake. 

3. Book a Cordial Picnic

This is one of PEI’s hottest new trends. Cordial Picnics creates an oceanside, picturesque picnic that screams romance and is perfect for your instagram aesthetic. These picnics come in different themes for you to choose whether you have a bachelorette, birthday, an engagement, or just because! RUN to book with them!

2. Bonfire and Camping on the beach **Includes stargazing**

Grab your guitar and cozy up by a bonfire on the beach as the sun goes down. Make sure you set up your camping gear while the sun is still up, and set out some blankets for the most insane stargazing you’ll ever witness!

1. Inn at Bay Fortune

Three words. Chef. Michael. Smith.

This Inn features a 5 star world class restaurant on Fortune Bay. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience. Everything you eat is farm to table, even the caesars!! 


This list scratches the surface of all the magical things you can experience on PEI. Don’t forget to have some strawberries and biscuits, eat some lobster, and chat with some locals! Have a BLAST on PEI! Check out JGB’s eyeshadow palette, the “PEI Palette”, for an alternative experience to visiting PEI! You’ll love using shades named “Garlic Fingers”, “Grammie’s House”, and "Singing Sands"!