I'm Jessica and I am so happy you're here! 
A little about me: I was born and raised in beautiful Prince Edward Island, the most aesthetically pleasing summer location on the planet. I grew up as a performer and became a professional actor/singer after high school.
When my husband asked me to marry him in 2016, I knew that I wanted to do my own makeup for our wedding. The thing was... I didn't know ANYTHING about makeup! I had never stepped into a Sephora, had never touched a makeup brush, and didn't know the difference between primer and foundation! When I started watching YouTube videos to learn about makeup application, I fell in love and became obsessed. 
I studied makeup artistry at the Canadian Beauty College in 2018 and have had the dream of creating my own makeup line ever since. 
This first collection is my love letter to my home, PEI. I have always been inspired by the beauty of this Island, and I want to share that beauty with YOU through these products, wherever you are in the world! 
I believe the process of applying your makeup should be fun. It should be a way for you to meditate, practice your creativity, and feel great in the process. Whether you have never touched an eyeshadow before, or you're a professional makeup artist, I want you to have FUN with these products and to feel like you can try something new. If I can learn to apply an eyeshadow, I really believe you can too.
Let's make makeup FUN!