7 Tips for Makeup Beginners

There are so many Instagram accounts, beauty brands, and weird makeup tips out there that can make starting your makeup journey confusing. Take a look at these simple tips for makeup beginners and you'll be off to the races! 

1. Know Your Skin Type

Does your skin get flaky?? Then you probably have dry skin. Does it get really shiny by the end of the day? In that case, you probably have oily skin. Knowing what skin type you have will help you chose foundations, powders, and other makeup products. If you find your skin is dry, you want to stock up on hydrating products that come in liquid form. If you have oily skin, powder products will work better for you! 

2. Keep the eyes simple

I’ve said it before, eyeshadow can be super intimidating. But it doesn’t need to be! You can pick one shade that is close to your natural skin tone and swipe it across your eyes to remove any discolouration/veins appearing on your eyelids!

3. Bold Lip 

On days where I need to get ready quickly and run out the door, I’ll throw on some tinted SPF, mascara, and a bold lip. A bold lip colour can make it look like you spent an hour on your application because it draws focus and makes a statement. Try "Mom’s Favourite" on its own for a bold lip moment or "Peony Pink" with a gloss to make that pink POP.

4. Get your brows done

Okay. I am so beyond guilty of not doing this and then complaining about how much I hate my eyebrows. But your brows truly shape your face. If you go to a good brow artist, they will know how to shape and colour them so you don’t need to worry about spending 30 minutes with a confusing/expensive brow product every day.

5. Wash your makeup off before you sleep

If you’re not used to wearing makeup, you might get super tired by the end of the night and forget you even have it on! Wash. That. Face. Before. You. Sleep. You want to let your skin breathe while you sleep, and getting all that makeup on your pillow case is just gross! Some people remove their makeup with coconut oil, others with makeup wipes. There are a million options. Whichever way you take off your makeup, just DO IT!

6. Watch videos to learn

Check out @jessicagallantbeauty on Instagram for easy makeup looks using the PEI Palette and the JGB Lipsticks! My favourite part of starting my makeup journey was watching people on YouTube work their magic.

7. You don’t need to wear makeup every day

The internet and apps like Instagram have made it seem like everyone needs to have it together 24/7… There are days where you don’t need to wear makeup! It’s super fun and a great creative outlet, but if you start wearing it because you hate the way you look or because of negative talk in your head the your applications are for the wrong reason. You are PERFECT the way you are, makeup should be a compliment to your already gorgeous, confident self!

Have fun with these 7 tips and check out the PEI Palette and the JGB lipsticks! @jessicagallantbeauty