How to Build Your Makeup Bag

Listen, makeup can be intimidating. You walk into a drugstore and there are thousands of products staring you down from the aisle. Do you know how much money I’ve spent by accidentally buying brown waterproof mascara rather than black regular mascara!?! It can be confusing! The best advice: start small. Here are some tips to creating a makeup bag that doesn’t freak you out every time you sit in front of the mirror:

Start with the SKIN

Do you wear moisturizer? Sunscreen? These are two staples that I would immediately tell you to put in your bag and to wear daily. As much as I love the sun, it is the number one damager of the skin. There are many drugstore brands that have great ingredients and work for all skin types that you can try so you don’t break the bank! Try a tinted moisturizer with SPF for your foundation base. 


Hungover? Tired? No fear! Concealer is here! Just pop a little under the eye and you immediately look more awake!


L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara has been my go-to drugstore mascara FOREVER. It isn’t clumpy and does just the trick when I’m in a rush to get out the door.  

Pick ONE Eyeshadow Palette to start

Why buy 239847023947 different eyeshadow palettes when you can have everything you need in one? The PEI Palette by JGB is perfect for everyday wear or going out on the town. Plus it’s super cute and has adorable shade names. You can use your fingers for quick application or a brush for precision.



Find a colour that will wake up your face but also one that you can wear for a “no makeup look”. JGB’s PEI Lipsticks are perfect! Check out Nude Beach, Mom’s Favourite, Peony Pink, and O.M.G! You can also use this as an instant blush to add some dimension and warmth to your face!


Brows shape the face. Grab a simple brow gel and fluff your brows in an upward direction for an easy, youthful pick-me-up. 


There you go. An easy start to what can be a super complicated and intimidating feat (thanks YouTube and social meda, lol). You can shop now for the PEI Palette and the PEI Lipsticks HERE. Don’t forget to have FUN with your makeup application and make it time for YOU.